Temple Services:

We are here to help uplift fallen humantiy. As Moslem Missionaries were are here to teach the truth and divine truth. First and formost according to our divine creed of: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom , and Justice. In addition, according to laws, treaties, maps, and other material facts etc...
  • Nationality

  • Obligation Ceremonies

  • Sunday school

  • Spiritual Sciences

  • Outreach and ministry services

  • Civics, classes, and study group

   Missionary work including & not limited to: 

  • Passing out fact sheets & flyers

  • Spreading the Truth according to Law. 

  • Teaching  Nationality

  •  Providing support and Advocation for others. 



Services include and are not limited to :


  • Advocating, Networking & Informational seminars

  • Classes, meetings, and study groups, via phone or video conferencing (please Inquire) 

  • Dispute Resolution (all parties must agree that the "MSTA Eccl. Dist. 5 Temple No. 11." mediates)

  • Crisis Intervention, relationship counseling

  • Health coaching, Life Style review,

  • Wellness recovery action plan

  • Youth Services

— Name, Title

Sunday School-

Tuesday Townhall Meeting-


Our Moorish Sunday School is taught every Sunday. It is a fantastic class for all beginning scholars. Class begins at 7p.m (Mountain Standard Time)

Resources to Bring are the 101's, Divine Constitution and By-Laws, and the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America (Circle 7).

Link- https://meet.google.com/tqr-msmf-spf


The Tuesday Townhall Meeting is held every week with our members to guide the body of this Temple in making decisions and bringing awareness to Events.

Resources to Bring are the State Booklet of The Moorish Science Temple of America, Circle 7, Moorish Literature, Divine Constitution and By-Laws, and other info as necessary.

Link- https://meet.google.com/zku-uyff-nnx

Time: 7pm (M.S.T)

Heading 2

7pm Happy Holy Day services and meeting
Friday, May 28 · 6:00 – 6:30pm
Google Meet joining info

Link: https://meet.google.com/kxh-trcj-jeo


Meetings & Classes